Eco Starter Pack

Amazing - you are looking at reducing your plastic footprint! You'll be changing the world just by being careful and thoughtful about what you consume on a daily basis.

Eco Pack

To get started on your journey and to keep things easy, we recommend the following products:

After that you'll already be cutting down on all the easy things, and you can browse the store for more ideas!


Next Steps

Once you've cut down your most immediate waste areas you'll have three main focuses:

  1. Reducing the plastic (and other disposables) you use in general. Try to buy food that's not wrapped in plastic, always keep your Starter Pack items with you, etc.
  2. Spreading the message: get family and friends involved, it can be as simple as buying a straw for a buddy.
  3. Looking into the responsible sourcing of items - question where the materials in your clothes come from, if the food you eat is fair trade and ecologically friendly.